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Xylitol Helps in Preventing Cavities

Xylitol Preventing Dental CavitiesWhat is xylitol? It is a natural substance that our body produces every day. It is also found in fruits and vegetables. Clinical testing has identified it as being particularly effective in reducing tooth decay. Many European countries have endorsed its use as the best sweetener to preserve your teeth. It is now found in chewing gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, and some candies. It also comes in a nasal spray and has been found to reduce problems with allergies. We encourage our patients to use products with xylitol for fewer cavities and better upper respiratory health.

Are No More Cavities a Possibility?

Cavities occur because of a bacterial infection referred to as "caries." This infection is treatable but also preventable. We use the CariFree™ program at our practice to assess the risks of dental disease. We detect and diagnose the presence of the bacteria that causes cavities. We can then treat the infection with advanced medical techniques.

At your visit, we will give you a caries risk assessment to determine if you have the factors present that will produce decay. We provide instructions and the necessary products to help you and your family members remain cavity free.

Treating Tooth Decay the Easy WayDental Decay Treatment Las Cruces

Our doctors believe that less dentistry is the best dentistry. This philosophy is put into practice with "micro-invasive dentistry." Drilling and filling is the usual way to restore a tooth from decay. But the problem is that more healthy tooth structure is lost during this type of treatment.

With the ICON™ method, there is no drilling and no shots, and it is virtually painless. This treatment stops the development of cavities without loss of healthy tooth structure. At your next appointment, we can assess if this method is right for you.

Get on the path to cavity-free dental health. Call our office at 575-522-1983 now to schedule your next appointment.

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